Key Cutting

Have you ever lost your keys and wished you had made a spare set? With a duplicate key from PostalAnnex+, you’ll never have to pay a locksmith an expensive fee again.

Our duplicate key cutting service is great for:

  • Spare house keys
  • Padlocks
  • Landlords
  • Property Managers
  • Storage Units/Sheds
  • …and more

The process takes usually between 1-2 minutes using our automated, calibrated machines, perfect for ensuring a duplicate key cut with accuracy.

Many of our stores also offer designer keys. From your favorite sports team to your childrens’ favorites, a designer key helps stand out on your keychain, providing you safety with a quick entry instead of fumbling to find the right key.

Some stores offer additional key-related products such as rubber key identifiers, padlocks, key chains and hide-a-key compartments.

Getting a duplicate key made is another convenience offered at PostalAnnex+ beside the shipping, faxing, greeting cards and postage stamps.

Save yourself time and driving by visiting your local Postal Annex… Life’s Personal Assistant.