Pack and Ship

At Postal Annex, you have a choice of who carries your package. Whether it’s UPS, FedEx, or the US Postal Service, you get to compare shipping rates and choose based on what service you need and who you like best.

And when you compare shipping rates, you should know we help you avoid dimensional weight. That occurs when your package is rated at a heavier weight than actual because of the size of the packages. One example might be a large box of bedding for a college student. Pillows and bedding might be light, but they take up a lot of room. So one carrier might charge you extra for the dimensional weight when another carrier won’t. At PostalAnnex+ we help you pick the right-sized box to avoid dimensional weight, when possible, without compromising protection of the contents. Another example of our expertise that saves you money by letting you compare shipping rates!

Another thing to consider when you compare shipping rates is the varying insurance coverages for each carrier. Are you shipping jewelry? UPS insures to fifty-thousand dollars while FedEx Express only insures to five-hundred. How about tickets to a sporting event? UPS insures a replacement value of up to a hundred dollars while FedEx’s replacement value is up to fifty-thousand. We’ve got the experience and expertise to make sure your package arrives on-time and undamaged.

So you see, the rules and limits for shipping various items are a complex maze not to be navigated by the beginner. Here at PostalAnnex+, we really are shipping experts. From knowing the right way to pack your shipment to helping you compare shippingp rates and choose the right carrier, we’re here to solve your shipping problems. Let us show you our excellent service!